Laura Cummings

100 Miles FOR THEM

JUNE 11-14

I do not know exactly what to do about the COVID-19 situation, but I do know two things: when you care about someone; you show up. And I care about these kids.

Our ultimate goal is to raise $127,000 and provide a $1,000 scholarship to a senior student athlete at each and every one of the 127 public high schools on Long Island. Are you ready to help change someone’s life?

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Laura Spartan

About Laura & the Cause

When my Dad passed away in 2018 my high school coach was one of the first people at my doorstep. Aside from my parents, nobody has ever done as much for me as he has. He is a huge reason why I coach. When I transitioned from student-athlete to coach I realized that for a lot of kids high school sports brings something else entirely than it did for me…

The John Cummings Memorial Scholarship Fund was founded in 2019 to support local senior athletes. Our ultimate goal for this event is to raise $127,000 and to provide a $1,000 scholarship to one senior student athlete at each of the 127 public high schools on Long Island.

The Course

The Course

100 Miles in 100 Hours. From Calhoun to Montauk. Learn more about the route Laura will be running and when she will be passing through your town so you can show your support.



Gina Goode

$50.00 July 1, 2020
Anonymous User


$25.00 July 1, 2020

Clint Cummings

$100.00 June 30, 2020

Karen Accardi

$50.00 June 25, 2020

Awesome job Laura!


Donna Thiel

$20.00 June 24, 2020

Bradley Rangell

$40.00 June 24, 2020

Great Job Laura!!


Yvette Diaz

$50.00 June 23, 2020

William Chen

$50.00 June 20, 2020
Anonymous User


$100.00 June 19, 2020
Anonymous User


$100.00 June 19, 2020

Louis Potters

$50.00 June 19, 2020

Go Girl!!


Errol Menendez

$50.00 June 18, 2020

Your dad was a great man. You are certainly making him proud, and living up to the name. Be well -Errol